The mysterious thing

ink on paper, 30 x 40 cm,



"...when the first photocopy maschine appeared one afternoon

nobody really cared about it.."




"It must have been standing there for a week or so until I passed.

I took the thing home with me for I liked its shape and I was curious

to find out what it was for.."

"After an exhausting week of experiments I decided to go to the factory

and ask Andy if he had any intrest in a maschine like that."




"Hmpf..well, you better keep it, you know" (says Andy)

"when I went to see David, he didn't even look up from his whatever-he-was-





"to be honest, there's nothing much to tell really.

I have it right here, I flatten leaves with it from time to time

you should come and see it if you're around.."